Qingdao Yiqing biological Polytron Technologies Inc
Address:Kang Park Road Chengyang District Shandong city of Qingdao province No. 17
Zip code:266111


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Quality Policy

On the basis of ISO9001:2000 international quality manage system standard, the company keeps improvements on the products quality to win customers satisfaction. In 2000, the company has got the Certificate Quality manage System Certification from Quality Assurance Center of China Quality Control Association. In Sept. 207, we were approved by GMP.
We focus on customers and are guided by customers' needs. We conduct production and control quality as per GMP standard, and are armed with sound technical testing departments and well-trained inspection staff to ensure the quality of materials and end products.
Quality policy: To do our contribution to public health through the production of each single capsule, to better satisfy the needs of customers.