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Product technology and service commitment

To ensure the long-term good relations of cooperation with customers, the company established a perfect product technology and service system, and promised to provide the following products and technical support services to customers:
1, capsule filling machine Technical Support
Service technician familiar with the capsule filling machine model and its performance, provide the following technical support:
● filling equipment technical advisory services.
● provide free test machine service.
● installation and commissioning of filling equipment for clients, handle during filling various problems.
● The company has a senior technical staff and lecturers, and has rich reserves of resources for customer training related to maintenance and operations personnel.
● Company and the respective filling machine manufacturers have a close business relationship, filling machine can provide information processing services and related accessories.
2, product technical support
● provide product information and technical advice.
● capsule filling machine knowledge and knowledge training.
Companies organize technical seminars every year, according to customer demand and changes in the industry standard hollow capsules, capsules organized knowledge and filling machine knowledge training activities.
3, the process quality feedback
The company quickly established an efficient quality feedback systems, such as quality problems, the company promises:
● within 12 hours, the company's sales, technical and after-sales department to make a joint response.
● If necessary, our service personnel can be arrived on the scene and according to customer requirements in time, reduce the loss of customers.
4, regular visits to customers
● The company developed a detailed annual visit program, and technical staff regularly visit clients.
● not listed as an annual visit program, the service technician according to market and customer needs, from time to time to visit, the initiative for customer service.
5, to provide support services
● customer service technician powder characteristics of systems analysis, and establish a sound customer files, can provide the following services:
● initiative to provide free capsule selection, color selection, printing proofs designs.
● develop appropriate user process recipes and quality standards.
The company pursues "the public health trip to Pave the Way," the business purpose of implementing the established quality policy, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction as the goal, to provide customers with products and services to customers willing to cooperate for mutual encouragement.