Qingdao Yiqing biological Polytron Technologies Inc
Address:Kang Park Road Chengyang District Shandong city of Qingdao province No. 17
Zip code:266111


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Qingdao Yiqing biological Polytron Technologies Inc set project in 1986,became the first one to bing the international advanced level of equipment of automatic mechanism of hollow hard capsule production and technology in the industry.We opened the prelude to the hollow automatic mechanism Chinese hard capsule of professional production, ended the Chinese history blank in this industry, became fully deserve industry pioneer and the writer of the industry history.Since 2004, it has a committee member of the association of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging association of hollow capsules, presided over the first pharmaceutical packaging association industry standard in the history of China – “gelatin hollow capsule” standard.
The company maintains a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with many famous domestic and foreign enterprises in the pharmaceutical and health care industries.
The company covers an area of 115 Mu and has a comprehensive matching condition for the annual production of 50 billion hollow capsules. It shows the style of a modern high-tech enterprise.